SINGLE REVIEW: Jenn Bostic – ‘Revival’

Imagine if contemporary Christian music legend Amy Grant and country music legend Martina McBride had a younger cousin…. she’d be Jenn Bostic.  And Jenn has a new single and fourth album on the way.  Revival, the single, will be released on 2nd March, and the album will launch on 4th May (Pledge Music campaign is live with behind-the-scenes experiences).

Not sure how UK favourite Jenn sounds live? Not to worry, she’s on tour between February and May. Here’s a handy list of dates on Your Life in a Song.

You’ll have probably heard her 2012 multi-award-winning and number one hit, Jealous of the Angels.  The unknown song from an unknown artist was picked up by Smooth Radio and Radio 2 – and we know how supportive Radio 2 is towards talented Nashville artists!

Actually, the first time I really heard Jealous of the Angels was only last year. Donna Taggart, Omagh’s country daughter, covered the song at the inaugural Harvest Country Music Festival in August, and regularly plays the song at her gigs. Jenn wrote the spellbinding song in memory of her late father, and it took five awards at the Independent Country Music Association Awards in 2012.

Produced by six-time Grammy award winner, Paul Salveson, Revival is the first single and title track from Bostic’s upcoming fourth album. Recorded at House of Blues Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, Jenn enlisted the help of some wonderfully talented and experienced musicians, including Jenn’s older brother, Jeff Bostic, on bass.

With soaring vocals reminiscent of both Grant and McBride, Bostic follows in the tradition of inspirational faith music, this time with a Gospel choir, celebrating an anticipated revival. Country music has always had an honest connection with God, and she has found the perfect blend of her Christian and roots influences here. You can’t deny the breath-taking power of the harmonies, lyricism and presentation.

In these troubled times in the world, Bostic offers the chance to appreciate a soulful, religious window into a range of genres. This is what country crossovers are all about!

There’ll be trouble, in this life/There won’t always be a bridge to the other side/Keep your head, keep your spirit light/Sooner or later, there will come your time.  

We could do with a revival.

Take it to the river, Jenn.

Emma Jordan