SINGLE REVIEW: Jess & The Bandits – ‘I’m Not Going Home’


Wowee, this is good. It’s a big step forward for Jess Clemmons, who will be going to a marital home in December when she breaks off from promoting the album Smoke and Mirrors (out in September) to marry a guy who digs her style.

Here’s the chorus: ‘I’ll take the hits and stay strong…Even if I spend my nights alone, I’ve still got a spark stirring in my soul – I’m gonna keep it lit!’

It’s a lyric that I’m sure every listener with empathise and connect with. The drums clang in the right places (sublime production), and the choir surrounds Jess, who sounds like she’s smiling whenever she isn’t singing.

Interestingly, Lady Antebellum have added extra gospel to their new album, although the production on their album isn’t as bright as it is here. This is so bright it can power a church on Sunday! – Jess can definitely give Hillary Scott a run.

Jess and her band played this song, albeit without the R Kelly-style gospel choir, at Buckle and Boots, getting hands clapping and feet shuffling. You can linedance to this one, which has a killer of a chorus and a lyric about partying and soldiering on. The band emphasise the off-beat while Jess croons in a controlled manner showing how well she can sing without being annoying in the slightest. She’s really got the best voice in the genre, and it must be a joy to be in the studio with her.

Catch the band live and feel the full force of Jess and the Bandits before they play the type of venues Lady A now play…

Jonny Brick

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