SINGLE REVIEW: Keith Urban – ‘Parallel Line’


It feels like FOREVER since KU dropped Ripcord! It’s high time we had some new music and following his Exit/In pop up show to announce his new record Graffiti U, we have the second single from the project – Parallel Line!

Well, what a track to start us off! Someone pass the tissues… WOW!

Beautifully written, by not only Ed Sheeran, but other writers including Julia Michaels, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol and Benjamin Levin. There has already been murmuring about the style of song and penmanship. Quite frankly, I don’t care who wrote the track. There is always going to be someone out there who wants to tear an artist down because they’ve tried something new, or collaborated with someone from another genre, or actually not put a pen anywhere near a track they record. Jeez people, stop being such snobs. This is straight up good music.

Penned with some people at the top of their craft, Keith has released an absolute banger here! It does sound like an Ed Sheeran classic, and what? We have a definite crossover track and I for one LOVE it for what it is.

Keith is a musical master and Country Royalty; he’s earned his place at the table and every single award he has won and continues to win. So what if he’s keeping up with the times and changing things up to stay current? Say what you want about how this is written, who wrote it or what it can represent for Keith, but… It’s a gorgeous song!

“Take a little bit of my heart tonight,
No I literally don’t mind,
Just please don’t misplace it”

Lyrically touching and sonically simple, yet stunning. It definitely takes more than a little bit of my heart. The beauty of Keith is that he takes every song he records and delivers them with such emotion, you believe every single word he sings and the story he’s selling you. This track is no different, he’s doing what he does best and hitting us right in those feels. A charmingly romantic, country-pop fusion.

Now hurry up with a release date for this album Keith, I feel many summer jams coming from this one!

Katie Hutchinson

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