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SINGLE REVIEW: Keith Urban – ‘We Were’



KU is back with his brand new single We Were. The first single release since Graffiti U’s Never Comin’ Down and penned by Ryan Tyndell, Jeff Hyde and none other than The Chief himself, Eric Church. If that lyrical dream team doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will. 

While We Were doesn’t venture out of KU’s comfort zone, he is known for sticking to what sells. Sonically, Urban gives as good as he always has with guitar fluidity at its finest. This nostalgic dream is no different and slides right into Country Radio territory. It gives you those summer vibes, whilst the lyrics reminisce on what once was. Not the standard nostalgic trip down memory lane, We Were sees a man happy with the present, yet a sense of longing for the good ole days and one of those impossible lost loves. 

Not a standout track for me, but We Were is a pleasant, feel-good summer soundtrack. Perfect for windows rolled down, daydream-fuelled, backroad chasing. 

I’m looking forward to what a hopefully imminent, album release from Urban will bring.

Katie Hutchinson


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