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SINGLE REVIEW: Kip Moore – ‘More Girls Like You’



Kip Moore – an artist who is unapologetically himself and makes no effort to hide the fact that most of his usual heart wrenching, sometimes melancholy, yet hard-hitting Country Rock anthems are born from the darkest of places. His brand new single ‘More Girls Like You’ introduces a light, up-beat and hopeful sound but not faltering on that whiskey-soaked rasp we have come to know and love over the years.

The song sees Kip looking forward. Opening himself up to possibilities that previously, he hadn’t discounted, but on the same hand, weren’t things that he had actively gone looking for.

Well, I’ve been living like a wild old mustang, out in Montana fields
Might’ve earned me a bad reputation, but never stopped these wheels
From going and rolling too far, running and gunning a little too hard
So unreigned, so untamed, yeah

He talks about God putting a certain type of girl, so bright and pure, into his life to make him want things he hasn’t before and to make him look at life from a new perspective. Speaking about the song, Kip said:

“I’ve never been that guy looking for a relationship and solitude has never scared me. I’ve never bought into the societal pressure of following the A, B and C steps of life, but I still look forward to the family chapter.  This song is about meeting that someone you find so amazing inside and out, that you can only pray the kids you have together are just as amazing as she is. That’s the kind of woman I hope to end up with.”

So God made girls like you make guys like me
Wanna reach for the brightest star, set it on a ring
Put it on your hand, grab a piece of land
And raise a few more girls like you

For me this song comes from a place that he hasn’t yet explored in his lyrics. It is something that he is looking forward to in the future. A lot of Kip’s material is based on past events, heartbreak and the turmoil that he has had to overcome to get to where he is today. This is about the future and I think that he is moving into a place now in his life where he may let that shine through in his music. And that’s only a good thing!

I love that Kip gives you himself, good and bad, in his music. It’s real, relatable and most of all, honest. I’m excited for him and can’t wait to hear what else he’s got up his sleeve for the new record.

Kate Hutchinson

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