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SINGLE REVIEW: Kip Moore – ‘She’s Mine’



Isn’t it a wonderful thing when expectation and reality collide in a song. When Kip Moore began teasing earlier in the week that some new music was on the way, a whole subset of the internet began to get those tingles and feels!! After all, new music from one of Country music’s most talented, reliable, honest and hardest working artists is always a good thing but those expectations also give birth to fears and worries. What if Kip releases the first song you don’t actually like? What If Kip was lying when he told you backstage in Birmingham that the new album channelled those ‘Wild Ones’ vibes? What if he’s done a Zac Brown, or even worse, a Band Perry?

HAVE NO FEAR!!! Put your worries aside. ‘She’s Mine’ is a glorious slice of classic Moore that will delight long-standing fans and newbies alike. The song, another one of Kip’s polemics about that elusive and eternal search for love and ‘the one’, chugs along like an offcut from Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’ days in a way that is less obvious than ‘Midnight Slow Dance’ was whilst still wearing its genealogy on its sleeve for all to see. The chugging guitars that open the song scream Springsteen’s ‘No Surrender’ for all to hear but this is definitely not a case of plagiarism, just subconscious influence. I love the way the song breaks out in that first chorus about Dallas and we go from there. Oddly, despite multiple plays I’m still not taking many of the lyrics on board because the melody and the general feel of the song is dominating right now. That’s a sign of quality and longevity and I have a feeling that I’ll still be listening to this song in September when Moore rolls into town for the Long Road Festival in Leicestershire.

I actually disagree that there’s a ‘Wild Ones’ feel to ‘She’s Mine’. For me, it’s ‘Beer Money’ all the way – this is probably the most unrestrained and joyous Kip has sounded since the aforementioned song from his debut album. Despite the song being about the search for love, it is an upbeat & optimistic feeling song. In fact, in an interview published today with Billboard magazine, Kip declared, “The song always felt like a hit record. It always put me in a good mood and it’s definitely one of the most light-hearted tracks on the album.” Interestingly, Kip has been sitting on ‘She’s Mine’ for a decade!! It was written with his long-time collaborators, Dan Couch and Scott Stepakoff and was slated to make its debut on the ‘Wild Ones’ album but the team just couldn’t quite get it right, as Moore told Billboard magazine. “It was too slick, we didn’t capture the energy…………or even the sentiment of the song.”

Well, I think those problems have been rectified now! There is a definite energy about the song. Think ‘Sunburn’ from ‘Slowheart’, think ‘Beer Money’ from ‘Up All Night’ and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. A few extra years experience, both on stage and in the recording studio has paid dividends for ‘She’s Mine’ – it’s great to see Moore back and firing with an up tempo, joyous rocker that pings from beginning to end. It’s a good look for him and goes to prove all those naysayers who think Moore can only excel at mid to slow tempo mood songs well and truly wrong!

James Daykin

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