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SINGLE REVIEW: Lady Antebellum – ‘You Look Good’



So, the Lady Antebellum hiatus is well and truly over. Charles, Hillary and Dave sent shockwaves through music row last Thursday with the unannounced release of their brand new single, titled ‘You Look Good’ and subsequent world tour. It’s been a rather successful experimental year for Hillary and Charles, as they both released side-projects that reached #2 on the country charts. Now, the trio are refreshed and ready to release what will be their sixth studio album ‘Heart Break’ on June 9th.

‘You Look Good’ was penned by Hillary Lindsey, Ryan Hurd and Busbee; Hurd now boyfriend of Maren Morris and Busbee the producer of Maren’s album ‘Hero’. If you’ve heard Maren’s album, you’ll know it’s not your typical run-of-the-mill country record, so the signs were there that ‘You Look Good’ would offer something slightly off-piste.

And off-piste is exactly what it is, a real curve-ball. Never has a horn section been used in a Lady Antebellum song before, and the funky groove pushes the boundaries so far that it’s a misjudgement to label it ‘country’. Having said that, it’s difficult not to become wrapped up in the bouncy, infectious rhythm and the song possesses a killer anthemic chorus, tailor-made for their extravagant arena performances. Interestingly, Thomas Rhett had the song on hold and let it go long before Lady A picked up the track.

It’s always intriguing to see a band developing their style and tinkering with new ideas, and Lady A are showcasing their diversity here. Whether it’s a style that I want to hear more of as a huge Lady A fan, I’m not entirely sure. Give me ‘Hello World’ and ‘Dancin’ Away With My Heart’ over this any day, but ‘You Look Good’ is inevitably going to be another big hit for them. The song is the most-added song on country radio within the first week, and it’s got huge mainstream appeal outside of the country barriers. It’s a fun, sexy track that has admittedly grown on me with every spin.

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