SINGLE REVIEW: Laura Oakes – ‘Nashville Stole Your Girl’


In some ways, we wish Nashville would steal Laura Oakes. As long as they propel her to the position that she really ought to be in! Selling bucket loads of music, packing out venues and featuring at top award ceremonies.

In a perfect world, she would have the backing of a company like Big Machine or Universal and we would all be looking forward to her next album release. How does someone with such writing talent and a great voice not get picked by a major label?

‘Nashville Stole Your Girl’ is the first release from Laura’s 5-track Acoustic EP, due in November. It’s a mid-tempo autobiographical tale of the girl whose first and true love is the music and culture of Nashville. Name checks for Willie and Johnny and a healthy dose of pedal steel act as the perfect backdrop for the vocals that set her apart from her peers.

It’s very much a case of quality rather than quantity with Laura. We have nagged her about the lack of new material for ages, but you know when the new stuff drops it’s going to be good. But it’s not just good technically. We all know that Laura Oakes has the ability to step up to any plate. It’s good commercially. This would not sound out of place on any country countdown show. It’s a song that demonstrates what we have to offer in the UK.

It’s arguably the most traditionally ‘country’ that Laura has been so far. It’s described as ‘acoustic’ but has a full production quality and stellar backing from the guys in her band.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone in the country capital heard this and took a chance on her? We know they wouldn’t be regretting it.

Graham Wharton

Check out Laura’s performance on Chris Country:

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