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SINGLE REVIEW: Little Big Town – ‘The Daughters’



Shots fired as Little Big Town deliver a message of empowerment for women with brand new single The Daughters.

Following The Breaker in 2017 and single Summer Fever in 2018, The Daughters dropped without warning and is the latest release from the foursome.

The main focus of the ballad is addressing the expectations placed upon women by society. The Daughters, penned by Karen Fairchild, Sean McConnel and Ashley Ray puts the spotlight on the way women are treated and how they are expected to act.

A rather brave choice of poignant subject matter with this track, that isn’t at all new to the genre, but is becoming more and more highlighted. Following in the footsteps of proudly outspoken feminists such as Maren Morris, Cam and even Keith Urban with ‘Female’, The Daughters is a message that not only relates to society but also the music industry. Women are equals and it is high time we stamp out the stereotypes and ignorance toward them.

‘Say what you want, just as long as you nod your head with your lipstick on…
Pose like a trophy on a shelf
Dream for everyone but not yourself.
I’ve heard of God the Son and God the Father… I’m just looking for a God for the Daughters’

Although Fairchild’s leading vocal is soothing, the message is not lost in translation. A simple production with attention drawn to the female vocal, making a beautiful ballad with a powerful message.

Although it has not been announced or referenced to, I’m really hoping this single release is a taster of what a (fingers crossed) new album is going to sound like! Anytime soon LBT, we’re ready!

Katie Hutchinson

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