SINGLE REVIEW: Logan Brill – ‘Walk Of Shame’

It’s no secret that I’ve been waiting for the release of Logan Brill’s Walk of Shame for just under two years, since I heard her perform it at C2C in March 2017, and was it ever worth the wait?

Yes, yes, it was.

I’ve only listened to Logan perform the song three times in the last 24 months, but the story and the staccato rhythm of the chorus: ‘High heels clicking on the sidewalk pavement/Sunday morning, sure enough it’s raining‘ immediately clicked with my heart and my literary self, and I’ve been humming this refrain ever since. Gorgeous sensory alliteration with a colloquial edge, right?

Once again, the Knoxville native’s storytelling is arrow-piercingly on point. 

The lure of Walk of Shame is the mass experience of one-sided love, and being  ‘just about one drink shy of a moment of weakness/when it’s two for one in this nowhere town’.  

Add in her trademark soaring vocals to this soulful country ballad pouring out the blues, and you can understand why I listened to it on repeat for an hour in my car on release date. That’s about 15 consecutive listens. Talk about traffic jams.

Logan co-wrote Walk of Shame with the Grammy-winning Nathan Chapman and equally award festooned Chad Carlson. Grammy-winning Jason Lehning produced the track.  How do we know? From the humble behind-the-scenes notes Logan tweeted earlier, nodding appreciation to these three, amongst a team she is clearly fond of.  

Back in 2017, in a dash of C2C euphoria, I joked with Logan that in the UK we call it a Stride of Pride. However, this song’s emotional pull is that, after a night of Makers with an old flame, the pride has gone, along with the ‘sliding of the hotel chain‘ and the solitary walk home to the sound of church bells.  But it’s not her walk of shame, as the pivotal insight reveals, ‘You can’t love someone and leave them this way’.

Walk of Shame is definitely my most played track of 2019 so far.  Patiently (ish) awaiting Logan’s new album.

Emma Jordan