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SINGLE REVIEW: Maddie & Tae – ‘Friends Don’t’




Maddie and Tae are back!!! I don’t know about you, but I really didn’t realise just how much I had missed the duo until they were blasting through my headphones on the tube Friday morning. After two years without any music from Maddie and Tae, the country music genre is about to fall head over heels for them all over again.

The past couple of years hasn’t been smooth sailing for Maddie and Tae especially after the demise of their record label, DOT Records. Meanwhile they’ve kept slightly in the public eye with the start-up of their YouTube channel, but all along we’ve been waiting for the return of the musical side of the pair.

Maddie and Tae have returned with their classic sound, incorporating steel and slide guitar, the mammoth bass along with the blood pumping drums completely filling out the song, which arguably creates that previously mentioned classic Maddie and Tae sound. With such a big production you’d think their sweet, virtuous vocals would get lost… well, that’s certainly not the case. As expected, Maddie’s lead along with Tae’s soprano harmony blends so effortlessly together, it’s as if they’ve been singing together since birth. It gives such a sense of coming home whilst still portraying that grit they hold in their hearts.

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From the beginning you’re completely captivated within the beauty of the melody and musicality, foreshadowing the thoughts and feelings of the protagonists in the song.With the typical new country instrumentation, the slide guitar immediately gets you swooning and you’re given a vast sense of the deeper feeling and topic of the song. Lyrically, we are introduced to a more mature Maddie and Tae, leaving behind the high school, prom queen ‘Sierra’s’ and experiences that go along with growing up. The lyrics reflect deeply on the fact that the girls have had to mature over the past few years. Still only in their very early 20’s, the girls have catapulted themselves back onto the scene with a sexy, confident but still vulnerable song, telling of the intense moment when you’re about to cross ‘that’ line with a ‘friend’. For example, ‘get a little too close’and ‘get chills with every accidental touch’, with the use of ‘too’ and ‘accidental’ it gives the song a forbidden, sultry feel, which develops the maturity of the song immensely.

I really, really love this song and the new vibes Maddie and Tae are giving off. Considering this is the first snippet of their new album, it’s clear Maddie and Tae have a lot of stories to tell, and this new album is going to be flipping awesome! I mean, seriously, they were pretty sassy anyway, right?!?!

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