SINGLE REVIEW: Maren Morris – ‘I Could Use A Love Song’


This girl is my spirit animal! Following the fun, upbeat anthems of ‘My Church’ and ‘80’s Mercedes’ … she smashes it out of the park with total vulnerability in ‘I Could Use a Love Song’!

The song written by Morris, Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz, delves into the heartache that follows the end of a relationship.

‘Usually a drink will do the trick
Take the edge off quick, sitting in the dark
With a shared cigarette
Seeing eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart
But maybe I’m just getting old
Used to work but now it don’t’

We’ve all experienced that feeling that just hits you out of nowhere and you try the quick fix, go to drink, sit and be sad for a while by yourself… but nothing is working. So you go over to the cd rack, the radio, record player or in my case, get in the car. There is always that one thing that brings you back around… You probably sit and have a little cry about it or get real angry first, but then there it is – the song! or album (whatever). It brings you back from the edge, it gives you that hope that all isn’t lost. You’ll close your eyes and feel things, see things and hear things that keep you believing something better is coming.

That’s what I feel like this song is about! Sure, it’s about a heartbreak, its about the crappy feeling after the event, looking for something to kill the pain… but its also about hope! Not losing the faith in love.

 ‘I wish I didn’t know so much
I peeked behind the curtain
Now that magic rush
Feels like a trick that isn’t working
But I haven’t lost all hope yet
Yeah it’s hurting but it ain’t dead’

Maren isn’t scared to be completely honest and real with the lyrics and gentle with the melody. She doesn’t overpower the message that’s being delivered, she doesn’t flower it up, she just says exactly what we all think in those moments. The eye rolls, the disappointment when you realise that love isn’t a fairytale, when you’ve seen the other side and appreciate that couples actually fight for what they have. An honest song here, folks, that isn’t all smoke and mirrors, filling your heads with hearts and flowers while selling you the dream. Powerful!

I agree with her though, all we need is that one song; that takes you somewhere that paints a better picture and gives you ‘hope’…I sure as hell know that I have been in this situation a couple times and the only thing that’s made the hurt any better, is the faith brought back by a good ‘ol love song.

Katie Hutchinson

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