SINGLE REVIEW: Megan O’Neill – ‘Ghost Of You’


Irish Americana artist Megan O’Neill is starting the year off nicely with the stunning Ghost of You. Following the 2017 release of her solo single Why I Need You, this will be the second from her upcoming debut solo album.

She has notably released material with Ben Earle of Country duo The Shires, lived and performed in the motherland (Nashville), played A–List L.A. parties and now she is carving her own path in London. You may have caught her last year at Harvest Festival in Ireland, or on one of her several appearances at C2C. If not, be sure to get yourself tickets to see this siren.

A reminiscent, reflective, country-pop fusion, Ghost of You reminds us that even though someone has gone from our lives, their impact remains and we can find pieces of it in everything we do and everywhere we go. Megan’s song-writing prowess, is perfectly complimented by her flawless, heart-wrenching vocals on this one.

All is fair in love and war
And I’m living with the ghost, with the ghost of you
It’s what I fear the most
And I can’t break through
Those memories, always gone too soon

She talks about holding onto the past and not wanting to let go of what once was, but also wanting to break free and let the memories go. We’ve all been there, completely lost in someone that just makes life so much better, but then they disappear when you’re not ready, right?!

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what Megan brings to the table this year. Get it girl.

Katie Hutchinson

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