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SINGLE REVIEW: Rascal Flatts – ‘Yours If You Want It’



So, Rascal Flatts are back with some brand-new material. It’s probably fair to say that the reaction to their previous album ‘Rewind’ was mixed; the project saw the guys experimenting with some slightly different styles and, as much as I enjoyed the album as a big Flatts fan, some aspects of it weren’t my cup of tea and I soon found myself going back to previous albums. Aside from ‘I Like The Sound Of That’, it was missing that distinctive, radio-friendly style that loyal fans have come to know and love.

THIS is more like it. Written by Jonathan Singleton and the late Andrew Dorff, ‘Yours If You Want It’ sees a return to the Rascal Flatts style of old. It would fit seamlessly onto their earlier albums and reminds me of the likes of ‘No Reins’ and ‘Close’. It’s an up-beat foot-stomper with an underlying desperation and intensity of someone longing for a lover. “Every bit of love left in this beat up, banged up, scarred up heart that’s been waiting on a girl like you…it’s yours if you want it”.

It’s everything you could ever want from a Flatts single. Catchy verses, a powerful chorus and some killer electric guitars along the way. And this wouldn’t be a Rascal Flatts review without mentioning the stunning vocal delivery of Gary LeVox, who sounds just as fresh as he did 17 years ago. Nobody portrays the passion in a song quite like Gary does. Combined with the sublime harmonies of Joe Don and Jay, there’s a real nostalgic feel about this track and it sums up everything I’ve loved about their music for very long time.

Surely this is destined to be another big hit to add to their impressive collection, and hopefully it’s a taster of what to expect from the full album, coming later this year.

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