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SINGLE REVIEW: Shane Owens – ‘Country Never Goes Out Of Style’



t152383909-i1108621177_s400As the 2016 releases begin to dwindle and we become occupied with the mass of new Christmas albums, it would be easy to overlook a song that is quickly becoming a favourite at YLIAS HQ. ‘Country Never Goes Out Of Style’ is the first single release from Shane Owens’ album ‘Where I’m Coming From’ which is set to be released on the 9th December. The song describes country traditions but does so whilst perfectly recreating the style and originality of everything that we have come to enjoy about our music.

There will always be a market and an audience that embraces a song that contains all of the essential ingredients. Traditional instrumentation, a good catchy sing-a-long chorus and a country singer with a passion for the classics. Add to the mix a back story that should feature on Nashville and you will see why we felt we had to bring this song to your attention.

Shane Owens isn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, a new kid on the block. He has been performing country music since the early nineties but you will be wasting your time if you attempt to explore his back catalogue. This is simply because he has no back catalogue, despite his best efforts. This guy has had more than his fair share of hard knocks in the music business. Most would have given up.

His first recording contract offer limited him to releasing a single rather than an album, so he passed up on that opportunity. In 2005 he was offered a second chance. He recorded an album, ‘Let’s Get It On’, but after a limited period the label folded and it was withdrawn.

He was signed to another label and prepared another album, but before it was released history repeated itself and that label also folded. He has now signed with Amerimonte Records who we guess have asked their finance director to check their accounts, just in case! We might therefore have the opportunity of hearing what Shane Owens has to offer. If the album is as good as the single, it seems that the very long wait for this guy to begin his recording career might have been all worthwhile.

We have noticed how the pendulum appears to be swinging back towards the singers who can create country music that resonate with the traditionalists. There is a suggestion that Randy Travis is a big supporter, so we have high hopes for the album release.

For now, check out the single and keep an eye and an ear out for Shane Owens.

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