SINGLE REVIEW: Shania Twain – ‘Life’s About To Get Good’


It has actually happened, we have finally been gifted from the Gods of nostalgia, after FIFTEEN years? Shania is back. It seems this is not just a fleeting visit either and not just a greatest hits compilation – an actual, here to stay, new album. Call it a comeback, call it a rebirth, call it whatever you want but the fans asked (a lot) and the woman delivered… and DAMN did she deliver and with the title “Life’s About To Get Good”. She’s given her prediction guys, I’m in!

The best thing about it, for me, is that it is pure Shania. The same old classic sound that we have met before, that saw us through the 90s, albeit with a slight modern tilt.
It’s the Country pop we know and love and it’s the Country that I fell in love with and that inspired me to look deeper and begin my love affair with this incomparable genre of music.

The worst thing about this song, is hearing it now, being able to preorder the ironically named album “Now” yet knowing we have to wait 3 months to hear this inevitable masterpiece in its entirety. September 29th Folks. That’s one for the calendar in the kitchen.

“I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered” so were we Shania, so were we. No, this is not my plea to Shania detailing my feelings on her departure in 2002 but the opening line to the new era of Shania. Not the most groundbreakingly optimistic lyric but she brings it back as the song progresses as she details that “light at the end of the proverbial tunnel” that we are all searching for, in some way.

I wouldn’t personally agree with the sentiment I have read many times over the past couple of days that Shania has “reinvented herself”. Although, maybe that’s just me. On first listen my thoughts were instantly that of nostalgia and the feeling that Shania is back, to re-engage with fans, to hold our hearts and our hands through the next leg of our journey through life, all the while firing up a new generation of Shania enthusiasts.

Shania is here to empower and honour women, to share conversation through the medium of music and to show us all that “Life’s About To Get Good”

It’s a 10 from me, Shania. Exceptional.

Lynn Colhoun

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