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SINGLE REVIEW: The Cadillac Three – ‘Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys’



TC3 are back and I’m about to shotgun a 6-pack while blasting brand new jam ‘Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys’.

It premiered on BBC Radio 2 last night ahead of the single drop at midnight. All I can say is… Get this cranked… LOUD! Is it summer?! Because this sure sounds like it. It’s the trio’s new single release, following widely acclaimed record ‘Legacy’ in 2017, and what a track! Here’s hoping this is a taste of a full album to come. Anytime you like, guys.

As we’ve come to expect from TC3, ‘Crackin’ Cold Ones…’ is fuelled by Jaren’s unmistakable,trademark vocal. Kelby’s packing that fuzz right in with the lap-steel and Neil’s serving up that toe-tapping, beer-downing beat. It’s hard to believe sometimes that with such a heavy, southern rock grit, that these guys are a 3 piece! They really do nail it when it comes to quality over quantity.

The song itself is more reminiscent of ‘Slide’ and ‘Party Like You’ (from ‘Bury Me in My Boots’). Penned by all three band members, as well as Jefferson Brown, Benjamin Dunn, Chris Grainger and Brandon Wootten, ‘Crackin’ Cold Ones’ is an absolute JAM. Care-free and locked ‘n’ loaded for anyone wanting to get rowdy.

‘Turn it up, let’s make some noise
Crackin’ cold ones with the boys’

They’re making some noise alright… yet, never failing to stay true to themselves. Hard hittin’ southern rockers. Will we see this one on the country charts? It sure deserves some recognition.

Katie Hutchinson

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