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SINGLE REVIEW: The Fatherline – ‘Before The Trend Set In’



Since Tim Prottey-Jones’ time with The Wandering Hearts, you probably will have seen a lot of him on social media, collaborating with a whole bunch of talented UK artists for production and song writing sessions. It’s great to see him continuing to have such a big involvement in the industry, and he’s also started up his own project, ‘The Fatherline’, giving him a chance to use the profile he’s built to showcase his own material.

Tim has teamed up with an experienced group of musicians in Rich Watson, Steve Marks (of Gasoline & Matches) and Elliot Vaughan. They’ve been hard at work in the studio, working towards their debut project, and the first taste of that is ‘Before The Trend Set In’, which is available everywhere now.

The production quality is top drawer as you would expect from someone with Tim’s experience, with great depth and a lovely atmospheric feel. You’ll hear an amalgamation of influences and genres; if you enjoyed the latest album from Ruston Kelly, this carries a similar vibe. Lyrically, it’s a very frank, open insight into Tim’s personal side; if you didn’t know him beforehand, you’ll certainly know a lot more after you’ve given this a spin!

The guys have set the bar very high with this debut release, and we look forward to hearing more of what they’ve got to offer. This material not only sounds like a good fit for Tim personally and vocally, but it’s also a different addition to an Americana scene in the UK that’s thriving right now. There will no doubt be some live appearances in the near future, and this stuff is just born to be played live.

An exciting venture to keep an eye on!

Dan Wharton

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