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SINGLE REVIEW: The Fatherline – ‘This Work Is A Drug’ (Out May 1st)



Following the release of their debut single ‘Before The Trend Set In’ last year, UK band The Fatherline have announced that their follow up single, ‘This Work Is A Drug’, is coming this Friday (May 1st).

A statement of intent from one of the UK’s most intriguing up and coming acts, ‘This Work Is A Drug’ is a departure from the vibe of the debut single, laying out their genre-defying versatility, fronted by the soaring vocals of multi-instrumentalist, Tim Prottey-Jones. It’s a step in a more alternative direction, whilst still maintaining the melodic intricacy and atmosphere that the debut single established.

Beginning with a delicate piano-led introduction, setting the theme with “this work is a drug, I can’t get enough”, the single gradually builds into an anthemic chorus which was simply made for the band’s live shows. It’s the kind of musical showcase you would expect from a bunch of highly-experienced, talented musicians.

Experimental, ambitious, brave… call it what you will. It’s exciting to see a new band offering something totally different and pushing the boundaries; you should definitely be keeping an eye on these guys in the coming months.

Head over to The Fatherline’s Facebook for all the updates:

And while you’re waiting, check out their debut single, ‘Before The Trend Set In’, below…

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