SINGLE REVIEW: The Orange Circus – ‘The Saturday Song’

The sheer pleasure of discovering a new band or artist whose music clicks immediately is as vibrant as ever. 2019 has started well and my latest find that I’d really like to shout about is The Orange Circus who have just released a new single, ‘The Saturday Song’.

The Orange Circus is a five piece combo whose sound place them firmly on a porch somewhere in Appalachia. So it was with some surprise I found out they are from Kent and Wales, although there is a link to Virginia. Regardless of provenance, this group plays a highly authentic mix of bluegrass, mountain music and old style country. Delving into their two albums The Orange Circus  blend deep respect for the giants of bluegrass (Tommy Jarrell’s ‘Sugar Hill’) with their own contemporary approach.

Like buds coming out in spring ‘The Saturday Song’ just bursts with colour and vigour. It’s a good time song about a weekend and what happens next. Opening at a classic brisk bluegrass pace with banjo, guitar and bass blazing away the song halts abruptly, ”and then we stopped/and then we kissed” before Jessie Moonlight joins Flash Hearth’s vocals as they pick up the tempo with a zestful “And it was 2222.24” on repeat. That takes a little working out but the effect is pure joy.

Others in the band are fidder Raven, bassist Sequoia Cayote and drummer Pablo Picarro. Written by The Orange Circus ‘The Saturday Song’ leaves a lasting glow of happiness.

Last year The Orange Circus played various UK festivals including slot at the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival. First up this year is April’s Rambling Roots festival. On the strength of ‘The Saturday Song’ The Orange Circus is definitely one to look out for.

Lyndon Bolton