SINGLE REVIEW: The Wandering Hearts – ‘Wish I Could’

I came across The Wandering Hearts completely by accident but then the best relationships always start by accident, don’t they? I had gone early to the C2C Fans Lounge above All-Bar-One this year to secure a place for one of my heroes, Kristian Bush, and The Wandering Hearts had the slot before him. It didn’t take long to convince me that the band, comprised of Tara, Chess, AJ and Tim, were Britain’s answer to Little Big Town with a healthy dose of Fleetwood Mac and alt-Americana thrown into the mix.

Signed to Decca Records, home to national treasures, The Shires, ‘I Wish I Could’ is The Wandering Hearts’ debut single. An album is in the works, scheduled for a September release after a busy festival-orientated summer.

The song starts quietly, in an almost dreamy, Simon & Garfunkel way. Ethereal, 70’s influenced vocals are accompanied by simple percussion & drums. Verse 2 sees the male vocals replaced by female ones and a larger beat & acoustic guitars.

The beauty of the song is that it builds and builds all the way through. After 2-3 run-throughs of the chorus, the song erupts in its final quarter in a flurry of ‘Woh Oh’s’ and gang vocals, taking the feel of it from simple bar room tune to an arena song in waiting. Therein lies the genius of ‘I Wish I Could’ – the song would work well in-front of 20 people in a damp field somewhere in the wilds of England during festival season, but conversely would also sound amazing from the O2 stage amidst flashing lights and pumping fists.

The harmonies within the song are exemplary, with the male and female vocals intertwining beautifully as the song swaps between the two, and it is carried forward by some simple, jangly acoustic guitars. ‘I Wish I Could’ was the first song the band played for Decca when they were pitching to them so it is no surprise that, being so proud of it as they are, it is the first single.

I can’t wait to see what else The Wandering Hearts have in store for us in the months to come and am looking forward to catching them out on the road at some point in what is going to be a tumultuous year for them.

James Daykin
Twitter: @rockjames

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