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Skye – You and I (EP)



Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 19.27.59At just 20 years old, new UK country artist Skye has released her debut EP, ‘You and I’, an introduction to an artist who certainly has a bright future in music. The acoustic EP contains 3 tracks, ‘You and I’, ‘Good Enough For Me’ and ‘Claire’, all of which have distinctive styles and display Skye’s enormous potential. It is clear throughout that Kacey Musgraves, an artist who Skye admires, has influenced her writing. This EP shares the emotional, honest and open writing style that has been a consistent feature in Kacey’s music.

The first song, ‘You and I’, is a tale of a complicated romance with an incredibly catchy hook at the end of the chorus that you will have stuck in your head for ages! What struck me most about this track was the passion in Skye’s vocals – she has a real talent for conveying the emotional aspect of a song and it adds something extra to her music that sets her apart from other artists. She really puts her heart and soul into these lyrics. I also love how this song builds momentum from start to finish, and you can sense the anger growing and growing. In the third chorus, Skye’s vocals hit you with a knock-out punch and it really grabs your attention and makes you sit up and listen.

This is followed by my personal favourite on the EP, ‘Good Enough For Me’, a track which really tugs at the heart strings and I believe it has enormous potential. I can’t wait to hear this with a full band behind it as it would take the song up another notch – with more production this would sound beautiful (not that it doesn’t already!). When I first heard this I sat and thought ‘if a well-known artist recorded this it would be a big, big hit’. It is so simple but so effective, and once again the wonderfully written lyrics are delivered superbly by Skye. Don’t miss this one – it’s worth the cost of the EP just for this.

The final track, ‘Claire’, is certainly the most Kacey Musgraves-esque on the EP. I really like this track – it’s fun, relatable and most of all, catchy. It is a very honest, quite humorous view of “the girl who lives below me named Claire”. It has a very similar sound to Kacey’s ‘Follow Your Arrow’ and ‘Biscuits’. As I mentioned before, each track on the EP has a distinctive sound, and ‘Claire’ exposes Skye’s more light-hearted, playful song-writing style. She has a wonderful ability to truly tell a story within her songs, and whether it is deeply emotional or just a bit of fun, Skye consistently provides memorable hooks that you will want to hear on repeat.

Go and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Who knows? We might have the next UK country success here! With a full band behind her and a larger repertoire, Skye will be capable of achieving a lot of success in her career, and this EP is just the beginning of her journey.

The EP is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud and Band Camp.

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