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Song Of The Day: Adam Hood – ‘He Did’



We have always been proud to admit that the inspiration for ‘Your Life In A Song’ was the lyrics to Brad Paisley’s ‘This Is Country Music’. Country music reflects life’s ups and downs. Brad has forged his career on great songs that transcend beyond the audio experience.

Adam Hood is relatively unknown in comparison, and had Brad Paisley recorded ‘He Did’ you can be sure that it would have received much more exposure. It was released on an album that came out in November 2014. ‘Welcome To The Big World’ is an album that should have propelled Adam Hood to that next level but, as with many others, talent isn’t the only marker that defines success and that big break hasn’t come his way…yet.

Hood wrote this song about his Dad. The emphasis of course is on the word ‘did’ rather than ‘does’ and that’s where the magic of this song hits home. “I drive one way to get there, take another way back. It might take a little longer, burn a little more gas. The only rhyme or reason for it, is he did”

It’s entirely appropriate that we nominate this song as our song of the day but in truth it’s a song for every day.

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