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Songs & Daughters Announces Publishing Arm In Partnership With Big Loud/Warner Chappell




With BMI Songwriter of the Year (2019) Nicolle Galyon at the helm, Nashville’s first-of-its-kind female-driven label, Songs & Daughters, has announced its Publishing arm, in partnership with Big Loud Publishing and Warner Chappell Music.

Signing emerging artist Tiera as the flagship songwriter, this expansion of the landmark label approaches the one-year anniversary since launching in July 2019.

“I’ve worked with Warner Chappell since 2007, and I’ve had the opportunity to sign writers,” Galyon, President and CEO of Songs & Daughters, admitted to American Songwriter, “but with everything going on, I never really felt like I could give a writer what they deserve. We truly have the best group of staff in town working together [now], so I felt like it was a situation where I really could give Tiera what she deserves in her first publishing deal.”

Founded in partnership with Big Loud Records, Songs & Daughters was established to serve as a music home for female creatives that nurtures both the art (the song) and the artist (the daughter). The brand-new Publishing sector will continue its mission, alongside Big Loud Publishing and Warner Chappell Music, as it thrives in an atmosphere of collaboration between Songs & Daughters artists and songwriters. Creating an in-house culture that’s tailor-made, Galyon is dedicated to nurturing the company’s roster in all facets of artist development, providing strong female leadership and mentorship that she wishes she had when she first moved to Nashville, TN, 18 years ago.

“Tiera is an amazing writer and artist whose talent is undeniable. Her positive energy and enthusiasm continually inspire us,” shares Big Loud Publishing’s Kimberly Gleason, Director of Operations. “On behalf of the Big Loud Publishing team, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Nicolle [Galyon] (Songs & Daughters) and Warner Chappell Music in this signing.”

“Exciting day to see the continued evolution of our longtime partner Nicolle [Galyon] as a publisher, and thrilled to start this new journey with the light that is inside the incredible Tiera,” says Ben Vaughn, President & CEO of Warner Chappell Music Nashville. “Always a pleasure to be working with Seth [England] and the talented Big Loud team as well. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Songs & Daughters’ one-year anniversary.”

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