Sonia Leigh Releases New Single ‘Walking In The Moonlight’


US Songwriter Sonia Leigh announces a brand new single Walking In The Moonlight off her upcoming album. The single which caters for both her loyal Country fan base and the slightly more Rock/Pop direction that she is taking her next album in boasts a catchy chorus that is bound to have fans of both genres hooked. The single is set to be released on the 13th October before she embarks on 2 UK tours with Katy Hurt and Broken Witt Rebels.

Where most artists put themselves in a box, Sonia Leigh maintains an individuality that is so liberating it extends beyond genre and ventures into a new world of self expression. From her country upbringing to her rebellious city lifestyle, changes have always been a catalyst for creativity. With past success writing songs for Zac Brown Band and most recently Big and Rich, touring across the world with country rockers like Eric Church and a cameo appearance in the hit TV show Nashville where her song When We Are Alone played in the background, it seems that a chapter has been closed and a new one open in her story. Sonia’s most recent projects experiment with new sounds and collaborators, as her music develops into an ever-changing narrative on the human experience.

Sonia performs in London as part of Country Music Week on the 6th October at The Borderline before heading out on two very different tours which she is very excited about. One tour is with past collaborator Katy Hurt where Sonia showcases her Country side and this is sandwiched between another tour which allows her to unleash the rocker in her as she supports Broken Witt Rebels.

Sonia’s versatility as a songwriter opens the door of opportunities and makes her appealing to a wide variety of music lovers from Country to Pop to Rock. Her new album is due to be released at the end of the year, takes influence from all these genres and therefore has something for everyone. Sonia co-produced and coengineered this project which is a first for her and she is very excited to share it with her fans. Below are the tour dates for both tours.

Katy Hurt and Friends TourBroken Witt Rebels Tour
2/11 – Brighton

9/11 – Liverpool

15/11 – Oxford

19/11 – Nottingham

22/11 – Essex

26/11 – Manchester

13/12 – London

8/10 – Liverpool          21/10 – Glasgow

11/10 – Norwich          22/10 – Headingley

12/10 – London           28/10 – Coventry

13/10 – Bilston            27/11 – Southampton

14/10 – Leicester        28/11 – Brighton

19/10 – Newcastle      29/11 – London

20/10 – Sheffield         30/11 – Birmingham

7/12 – Bristol

8/12 – Manchester

9/12 – Nottingham

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