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SPOTLIGHT: Amber Kamminga Shares New Single “Name On It”



Amber Kamminga

Amsterdam artist Amber Kamminga has shared her third single ‘Name On It’, available everywhere now. This is the follow-up single to ‘3AM’, which came out in January, and ‘Name Of Love’ from 2019.

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The previous singles have already led to prizes at the International Songwriting Competition 2019 (out of more than 18,000 entries) and a tour in the UK and Nashville in 2019. ‘3AM’ also spent weeks at #2 on the Top40 Tipparade and is currently competing with a 5-star rating in the UK Songwriting Contest.

“The new song, “Name on It”, is essentially about the role of coincidences in fate and how not everything happens for a reason. I wrote it after the end of a long-distance relationship, that had little chance of succeeding from the start, and I thought about what reality would be like if things had turned out differently. If I had stayed there with him, I wouldn’t have the things I have now. Serendipity,” explains Amber.

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