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SPOTLIGHT: April Jai Releases New Single, ‘Back Again’



Scottish Country/Pop artist April Jai has released her brand new single ‘Back Again’, her first taste of new music since her 5-track EP ‘The Last Goodbye’ back in 2017.

‘This song is so special to me and was written when I was coming out of a really dark time. Anxiety is not talked about enough in any creative industry because we’re supposed to be happy for being able to do what we love. I just want to come on here and say it’s okay to not feel okay sometimes. Don’t feel guilty if you’re on your 5th episode of @greysabc (Greys Anatomy) in a row or if you need a break from social media all together. We’re not robots and you’re allowed to feel things. Don’t be so hard on yourself and take care.”

The new single showcases April’s delicate vocal delivery with some top quality, Nashville-esque production. Although still very early in her musical career in terms of releases, ‘Back Again’ should elevate April to the higher echelons of the ever-growing British country scene.

April spent her childhood and teenage years growing up in Bruges, Belgium. Although April’s love of music has always been present in her life, it was during April’s high school years where she began to teach herself how to play the guitar and it was this that sparked her love of songwriting. Having found her voice, but also a lack of opportunity in Belgium, April was accepted into Edinburgh Napier University’s Popular Music program despite having no formal music education. It was during this time, where April learned to hone her unique blend of blues, country and pop styles.

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