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SPOTLIGHT: Audra McLaughlin – “Headed For The Fall”



Audra McLoughlin

Under our Spotlight today is the brand new single “Headed For The Fall”, the third release of 2021 from Glenolden, PA native and singer-songwriter Audra McLaughlin.

“It’s a song about knowing that you love this person but you know your not good for each other,” Audra explains. “I dove back into my feelings from a past relationship. I knew deep down I loved him but I knew it would never work in the long run. I think sometimes it’s hard to realize that when you have built a life with someone. Sometimes you can love someone but it’s just not enough if you don’t see eye to eye.”

McLaughlin grew to national fame in the USA as a member of Team Blake on season 6 of NBC’s “The Voice” where she reached the live shows and finished in the Top 6 Artists.

Following her time on the show and after touring with the NASCAR band for two years, the Pennsylvania native moved to Nashville after needing vocal surgery and rehabilitation stemming from a cyst on her vocal chord. During her recovery process, she began working with leading vocal coach Kati Hendricks, who would later connect her with  industry veteran Jimmy Mattingly in 2019. Audra inked a co-publishing deal with Jimmy Mattingly and Johnny Garcia,  both of whom worked with Audra on this latest single – co-writing, producing and also featuring as musicians.

Check out the single below.

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