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SPOTLIGHT: Australian Artist Hannah Lee Shares Debut Single, ‘Just Look Back’



Australian artist Hannah Lee has shared her debut single, ‘Just Look Back’. Written by Hannah Lee and Lyn Bowtell, the song is about reminiscing on a past relationship that wasn’t as perfect as you once thought. In hindsight it brought you down more than it lifted you up, and for every sweet memory you shared there was a bitter one right there with it. 

“I think this song is just as therapeutic to sing as it was too write. I wanted my debut single to be as honest as possible, I didn’t want to hold back and I hope to continue that as I release more music.”

The video for ‘Just Look Back’ was Directed by Hannah Lee and Kelsey Petherick on a dairy farm not far from Hannah’s family home. Check out the music video below.

Having begun performing and song writing at the age of 12, Hannah counts influences such as Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood as to why she is a regular at Tamworth Country Music Festival and Gympie Muster. “I love how raw and honest the songwriting is in country music. I love how diverse the genre has become, there are so many different sounds and sub genres that all still fall under the “country” genre and it makes for a big, supportive community of open minded musicians and music lovers.” says Hannah.

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