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SPOTLIGHT: Binky Releases New Single ‘Drug In My Head’



Country is an ever-evolving genre. While many debate what is and what not country, others simply enjoy the music at face value. An artist who has shown that they are able to explore the full depth and breadth of the sound if Londoner Binky. Having showcased a Faith Hill-balladeer on her stunning single Don’t Let Go, her previous releases have shown she is unafraid of exploring the poppier terrain currently dominated by Lauren Alaina and Maren Morris.

Boasting over half a million streams on Spotify, the bubbly singer/songwriter showcases yet another string to her bow with her latest single, ‘Drug In My Head’. Marrying her passion for country with the panging pop of Carly Rae Jepsen, ‘Drug In My Head’ is a truly addictive listen.

Co-written with Michael Stockwell (Anteros / Super Junior), ‘Drug In My Head’ was a real meeting of the minds between the two creatives. Binky explains, “Michael had come up with the riff for the first line of the chorus and thought it could be something special so he called me in. He originally pencilled the song to be about fire, but I really wanted to go for a cool summer vibe. As you know we had such an incredible summer last year, that seemed to last forever, and everyone was out enjoying a glass of wine or going on holiday. And this really inspired me to write a fun feel summer track.”

Although she fell in love with country music at a tender age, pop has always been a prominent presence in her life. It was looking at one of her favourite anthems that helped her get a lyrical start to ‘Drug In My Head’. “I took inspiration from Teenage Dream (Katy Perry). This was an all-time favourite for me and the girls one summer. I really wanted to create a girl’s sing along. I mean what girl can’t relate to that one teenage relationship that we all have, which we think is going to last forever?”

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