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SPOTLIGHT: Danni Nicholls To Release New Album ‘The Melted Morning’ On April 12th



April 12th 2019 sees the release of Danni Nicholls’ third studio album The Melted Morning. Produced by Jordan Brooke Hamlin (Indigo Girls, Lucy Wainwright-Roche) at the idyllic woodland studio MOXE, Nashville, TN, The Melted Morning is a collection of closely personal yet widely relatable songs; some self-penned and some co-written with notable songwriters including Ben Glover, Robby Hecht and Jess Morgan.

The themes of the album span an array of life’s takeaways; from the pain and darkness of rejection, the fear of losing yourself and the power of human connection, to offering up hope, light and new perspectives in the face of adversity.   

Credit: Rebecca Nead-Menear

“I needed a new challenge, a new landscape to work in sonically, physically, energetically and viscerally. Collaborating with Jordan and this incredible team of women gave me that opportunity and we have created a delicate, vibey, honest and vulnerable collection of songs that we dove deep into to find out who they wanted to become”

This team is made up of the cream of the Nashville crop including Annie Clements (Maren Morris, Amos Lee), Larissa Maestro (Margo Price), Kyshona Armstrong,  Jordan Brooke Hamlin (Brandi Carlile, Katie Herzig), engineer, Gena Johnson (Jason Isbell, John Prine) and background vocals from Grammy award-nominated duo The Secret Sisters.

“Working with almost exclusively women for this project felt like the most natural and obvious path, partly out of a desire for a whole new record-making experience and knowing wholeheartedly I wanted to work with Jordan in this inspiring safe-haven she has built and partly because it just feels good and important to play a small part in addressing the ongoing gender imbalance in the music industry. But mostly because I admire and respect these people immensely and felt they were the absolute right people to help bring these songs to life.”

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