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SPOTLIGHT: Danny McMahon Announces New Single, ‘My Kinda City’



Danny McMahon will release his brand new single ‘My Kinda City’ on Friday 15th May, recorded and released via Puzzle Maker Records. 

My Kinda City’ was co-written by Danny McMahon and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tyler Bank upon Danny’s latest trip to Nashville in October 2019. The song explores the concept of travelling across the world but always having a special place or individual to come back to – a place to call home. 

Speaking of the single, Bank states: “Danny and I are from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean and when we wrote this song in Nashville, we talked about travel and all the amazing places that exist. We wanted to capture & centre the song around how the right person can make you feel like you’re in the right place, no matter where you are. The world needs to come together more than ever and ‘My Kinda City’ is a song that people from all over the world can sing. I’m really proud to be a part of it!” 

McMahon adds: “My Kinda City represents a reflection of my time travelling as a musician and that no matter how crazy life on the road gets, there will always be a special someone back home that makes you feel complete”. 

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