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SPOTLIGHT: Emily Faye Releases New Single ‘Sucks To Be You’



‘Sucks To Be You’, the new single from Emily Faye, is out now!

After recording her first EP ‘Here I Am’ back in 2017 in Nashville, and embarking on the ‘Write Like A Girl’ tour back in May 2018, Faye decided to record some brand new music here in the UK with Songwriter / Producer Sue McMillan.

The new collection of songs due to be released during the course of 2019 encompass both the past and present ‘Emily’, and both the fun and serious aspects of her personality. Faye says:

“I am really excited about these new songs and I feel this material is the next stage of my journey, some I didn’t write but felt they needed to be heard, some I co-wrote with a couple of good friends, and having my band involved on this project was also a highlight for me. Its been fun experimenting, trying things out, and being pushed outside of my comfort zone a tad, you can’t be afraid to do that!”.

Life is a journey and this is the beginning of the next chapter for Emily. Keep in the loop and up to date via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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