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SPOTLIGHT: Emily Faye To Release New Single ‘Little Bit Of You’



‘Little Bit Of You’ is the next single from the new collection of songs from Emily Faye recorded with Songwriter / Producer Sue McMillan, and is due for release on Friday 24th May and available for Pre Order on iTunes now. 
Written by Jake Morrell, Sue Mc Millan and Emily Faye, ‘Little Bit Of You’ is a duet about being in a long distance relationship and how sometimes you find yourselves feeling like you’re living different lives, but you stay positive by holding onto all the things you love about that person.

Faye says “’Little Bit Of You’ was so much fun to write and record. “Jake and I were in a writing session last year and connected on something we both have in common, which is that we are both in long distance relationships. Bringing the song to Sue as potential for the next chapter of music, and re working it with her perspective and ideas added in too was just awesome. Jake is a brilliant artist and it is an absolute honour to have him featured on this song and as a part of my next chapter, huge thanks to him!” 

Morrell Says “I really loved being a part of this single in both the writing and the production side of it. With Emily and I being in long term, long distance relationships, it was a song that we could both firmly get behind with our emotions and how we feel on a day to day basis. Emily is a fantastic fast growing artist, full of energy and ideas. Adding Sue into the mix meant that we were really pushed out of our comfort zones, which I think is a really key quality of a producer and fellow songwriter. Like I said, it was an absolute pleasure working with these ladies and I’m sure there are many more adventures to come.”

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