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SPOTLIGHT: Gabrielle Mooney Shares Debut Single, ‘Come On In’



Gabrielle Mooney has released her acclaimed debut single, “Come On In”. The reflective track is a sentimental nod to growing up on her family’s farm in her hometown of Natural Dam, Arkansas.

“#ComeOnIn embodies my family and how I grew up,” Mooney shared to her followers on Instagram. “I’m proud that I’m debuting this special song with my given name, Gabrielle.” 

Gabrielle’s strong sense of family and deep passion for music is one of the traits she shares with her younger brother Shay, of the Grammy-award winning group Dan + Shay. With her self-penned debut single, “Come On In,” Gabrielle brings to life the memories of her hometown which helped shape her along with those closest to her this deeply personal track.

Under her pen name, Lyrx, Mooney recorded and wrote numerous songs, including co-writing Walker Hayes’ 2018 single “90’s Country.” This year, Mooney decided it was time for a change and wanted to honour her deep familial roots with the use of her given name. She told People, “My family cared so much about their values and Jesus that they named us with purposeful names, based on the Hebrew meanings.” 

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