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SPOTLIGHT: Georgia Nevada Releases Debut Single, ‘Whatever You’ve Got’



Brighton-based singer-songwriter Georgia Nevada has released her new single, ‘Whatever You’ve Got‘. 

Of the new single, Georgia says:

“‘Whatever You’ve Got’ is definitely a song written in ‘mild’ frustration… I had moved hours away from my family and friends, started a new (nice) job and just got engaged to a wonderful man. However, I realised that I just wasn’t happy. It didn’t seem to matter how much I played music, how many songs I wrote – there was just no way to express how I was feeling.

After a day of ‘oh you’ve really got your life together’ comments, it occurred to me that that was the problem. I didn’t want to ‘have my life together!’ I wanted to explore more, live on the edge a little more & pursue what I feel is the ‘real’ me. I grabbed my guitar, sobbed my heart out and wrote ‘Whatever You’ve Got’ in that exact moment. Moonshine, tattoos, guitars and music are what make my life seem ‘together’ – not necessarily the ‘togetherness’ that everyone seemed to compliment.

Georgia has appeared on live streams in recent months with Belles and Gals, Nashville Meets World, DC Brown, Modern Age Music and more, as well as regular shows on her own social media.

Country music has made a huge impact on Georgia Nevada throughout her life. With American family and a Nan who would forever be bringing back the latest Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley CD from her trips to the US, she grew up listening to Country music from a very young age. Paying close attention to the lyrics and stories while taking note of how every song made her feel, she started writing her own at 6 years old in the school playground! From that moment, she dreamed of being a successful Country singer-songwriter.

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