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SPOTLIGHT: Izzie Walsh Releases Live Video For ‘Alone’



After headlining shows across the UK, and a performance at Australia’s Tamworth Country music festival in 2019, UK singer-songwriter Izzie Walsh is set for a bright 2020. She has kick-started the year with the release of a new live video for ‘Alone’, performed in Toronto’s artistic neighbourhood of Parkdale.

Izzie says: “This was my second time performing in Toronto, and the first without my band. It’s such a huge, diverse and creative city, but wandering it alone was a completely new experience. It really added a different dimension to the song Alone, which explores the depths of solitude and escapism.”

Izzie adds, “Alone is a song in which I try to connect to feelings people have had for centuries, but explore them in a modern context. People are still trapped in the usual day to day cycle, wanting to break free and spend more time with each other” the musician encapsulates this sentiment in the video, with the harrowing lyric, “I ain’t no bathroom singer and you ain’t no fridge freezer salesman and I’m not singing all these nights alone.”

Izzie will be performing on 28th January at London’s Night Tales, as part of AmericanaFest UK, London. Keep your eyes peeled for further UK dates, to be released soon.

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