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SPOTLIGHT: Katie Jayne Releases New Single ‘Use Me’



Katie Jayne embodies the new generation of pop-country artists, already making waves on the Australian scene. Her latest single ‘No Shadow’ has received over 400,000 streams on Spotify in its first three months of release alone, with the song hitting the KIX COUNTRY Top 20 Chart and high rotation on CMC.

Her much anticipated third single ‘Use Me’ takes listeners on a journey of heartache and melancholy with a hint of defiance and survival. ‘Use Me’ is a story of human nature and how we, as humans, damage each other. A raw and honest lyrical journey.

Katie Jayne is the fresh face of pop country in Australia, having taken her Dubbo roots over to the UK and brought home a unique musical flavour. Fun and bubbly with a charm that leads the audience through complex emotional ballads back to high-energy party tunes, Katie is a songwriter that will get you dancing. Her latest single ‘No Shadow’ is a sassy girl-power anthem which scored over 400,000 streams on Spotify, high rotation on CMC and landed in the KIX COUNTRY Top 20 chart.

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