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SPOTLIGHT: Laura Evans Releases New Single, ‘Running Back To You’



Born in Aberdare, South Wales, Nashville-loving, Welsh-rooted, soul-fuelled Laura Evans has released her new single, ‘Running Back To You’

The track is the first single to drop from Laura Evans’ EP, which will be released on Friday 31st July. Laura is also sharing a vintage inspired music video to accompany the new single.

The track was recorded at Momentum Studios in Plymouth with Josiah J Manning (Keyboardist and Music Producer for Kris Barras Band).

“It’s ironic that ‘Running Back to You’ turned out to be my first single from the EP,” Laura admits, “It started out as a scratchy voice note captured on my phone that came to life last October. I’d spent a fortnight on a writing trip in Nashville before heading to LA for a few days. Along the way, I wrote with some great people and came up with some strong songs.

“On my last day in LA, I caught up with an old friend & musician — Ben Spivak (Bass player & vocalist in the band MAGIC!). We jammed and reminisced about all those crazy relationships that you know you should move on from, but somehow never do.

“I started playing my chorus idea on guitar, Ben got on the keys and the song just flew out! It had a soulful, vintage, singalong vibe that felt different to any of the songs I’d written that week. Then once the amazing Josiah Manning (my producer) got hold of it and worked his magic, it became everything I had envisaged and more.”

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