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SPOTLIGHT: London-Based Duo Misty River Release ‘Take This Dance’ Video, Live Under The Apple Tree



For a sound that blends country roots with Irish traditions then watch this video just released by London based duo, Misty River. ‘Take This Dance’ is a song of love and connection that goes straight to the heart.

Misty River draw their own roots from the west of Ireland and the US. Vocalist and writer Carmen Phelan’s voice is a subtle mix of Irish folk and Appalachia. To the purity of her sound add husband Adam Morley’s dobro, Chris Hillman on mandolin and Nick Pini’s double bass then flow along the sparkling waters of Misty River.

‘Take This Dance’ is the featured song for the closing credits on the Netflix documentary ‘A Secret Love’. Its poignancy matches the film’s theme of a love that through years of intolerance could not be revealed until recently. The video was recorded, made and mixed by Miles Myerscough-Harris in the Under the Apple Tree Studios.

Lockdown did for the planned launch of ‘Take This Dance’ and a series of live shows. But hang in there, if this has whetted your appetite as it has mine, then Misty River have an album’s worth of songs at the ready. Working with Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) they have a single followed by an EP on the stocks. As soon as they can reschedule their shows they will be out playing live.

Lyndon Bolton

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