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SPOTLIGHT: Lydia Luce Releases New Song, ‘All The Time’



Nashville singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lydia Luce has released her latest song, “All The Time”.
A song about learning to trust your own voice and cancelling out the negative noise, it was written in the beginning stages of the pandemic after she had already finished writing the record. During the pandemic she purchased a psychedelic light machine and was experimenting with it while writing music with her partner late one night when he came up with a drum beat that inspired and is used in the song. The song was recorded a week later at producer Jordan Lehning’s house and was Luce’s first outing during the pandemic.
Describing the meaning of the song, Luce said “This song is a conversation with myself. I have learned so many things about myself in my late 20s and one of those is that I struggle to hear and trust my voice. The world is so noisy and I am constantly working on drowning that noise out. This song is me calling myself into light and love.

It’s dark in the spaces of uncertainty where you’re fishing around trying to determine how you feel based off of what others feel. There is no peace there, only restlessness. If I do the hard work to calm my thoughts and external noise, I can ascertain what is true for me.”

Luce was known as the go-to strings session player in Nashville working with everyone from Dolly Parton to Eminem, but is now stepping into the spotlight with her album Dark River which has caught the attention of tastemakers from NPR Music to Under The Radar, drawn to her distinct take and unique blend of classical, vintage pop and indie rock influences.

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