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SPOTLIGHT: Misty River To Release Debut Album On October 1st



Misty River

Misty River has released new single & video “Walk Me To The River” and announced details of her debut album Promises, which will be released October 1st, 2021. The album includes the London-based artist’s captivating debut single “Take This Dance”, which featured on the soundtracks of both the Oscar-winning film “A Phone Call” and the award-winning Netflix documentary “A Secret Love.” 

“Walk Me To The River” is about overcoming adversity, a recurring theme with Misty River, which is the creation of singer-songwriter Carmen Phelan and her husband, producer Adam Morley.

“A lot of my songs are about how we overcome our struggles, what it takes both within ourselves and from the  community around us,” says Phelan, whose experience of chronic illness has given her a personal insight into  resilience. 

A childhood prodigy, Phelan has been a sought-after violinist and fiddler for years, touring with acts as diverse as The Corrs and The Kooks, performing on stage and television with artists from Serj Tankien to Sinead O’Connor. In her early 30s, after pains in her hands were followed with loss of mobility and a long period of  illness, doctors diagnosed her with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 

“At that point it looked like I wouldn’t be able to play any more, and that impacted my outlook on life,” says Phelan. “I was aware of how quickly things might be taken away at any stage. That uncertainty gave me a sense that now was the time to get on with things.”  

It was then she began writing, and found her own voice – quite literally. “I started singing about five years ago,  and one of the reasons my voice is so unusual is that my condition affects my vocal chords too.”  

“Take This Dance” won immediate acclaim and industry offers, but it was only after she took an unplanned hiatus to have her first child that she found the self-belief to make the record she wanted. It brought her into musical partnership with her husband, too.  

“I tried out a lot of other writers and arrangers and producers and in the end he was literally the last resort!” she  laughs. Morley was also the perfect fit: “He’s seen all of the changes in me.” 

Misty River Promises 

01 Promises 
02 Walk Me To The River 
03 Running On Empty 
04 Wishing On The Wrong Star 
05 Rain 
06 With You Around 
07 Four Walls 
08 Take This Dance 

Available October 1st 2021 

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