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SPOTLIGHT: Morgan Wade Releases New Song, ‘Take Me Away’



With features on 30 playlists amassing over 750,000 streams ahead of its release, Virginia-native Morgan Wade’s forthcoming album Reckless continues to build steam ahead of its Friday, March 19th release with the brand new song ‘Take Me Away’.
“I wrote ‘Take Me Away’ almost two years ago,” shares Wade. “It’s about being vulnerable and letting someone in. Being able to let down your guard and really let someone love you.”
The track opens with Wade’s soft lilt over an acoustic guitar accented with sustained vibraphone hits before leading into a chorus of her familiar Virginia-native growl, which makes the decision about accepting her potential lover feel like life or death.
Working alongside producer Sadler Vaden, long-time guitarist for Jason Isbell as well as an acclaimed solo artist, and engineer Paul Ebersold, the trio shaped songs Wade has written over the years.

Wade, now 26, only began performing in public seven years ago at 19, when she put her backing band the Stepbrothers together via Craiglist and discovered she loved the stage. 

Reckless Track List:
1. Wilder Days
2. Matches and Metaphors
3. Other Side
4. Don’t Cry
5. Mend
6. Last Cigarette
7. Take Me Away
8. Reckless
9. Northern Air
10. Met You

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