SPOTLIGHT: Morganway Release New Single ‘Hurricane’


East Anglian rock / Americana collective Morganway have released their second single ‘Hurricane’, taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album due this summer.

‘Hurricane’ was one of the first tracks written by the band, and has become the staple show closer, “It’s been with us pretty much since the beginning. We tend to end every show with it, and each time it’s a little different” Callum Morgan comments. The version presented on record captures that raw spontaneity, and has the signature crunchy guitars, roaring vocals and marriage of melody, harmony and pulse-pounding rhythm that has charmed live audiences around the UK.

“The bulk of it was recorded live, with minimal overdubs. We also changed its key at the last minute, and suddenly there was a newfound urgency to the song that I think was always missing when we’d attempted to record it before. SJ did her lead vocals late at night, with all the main studio lights dimmed to create an almost eerie atmosphere, and she gave the most ferocious vocal take we’d heard from her.”, adds Callum.

Mirroring the song’s music video, its lyrics account a tale of conflicts of intimacy. Left up to the listener to interpret what that means, or what kind of relationship the song is talking about, Callum remarks that, “I don’t like to reveal too much about our lyrics, because I think it’s important that the listener makes up their own mind. Maybe it’s a relationship that’s falling apart. Or maybe it’s coming together. What I would say is that the conflict is vital and I think there’s an honesty in what the song is saying about intimacy. To be intimate with another human being is irrevocably intense. You let go of any control and you take the good with the ugly, and by coming together, you’re heading for a hurricane.”

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