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SPOTLIGHT: Morganway Unveil New Single ‘Let Me Go’



Rock / Americana sextuplet Morganway have released the new single ‘Let Me Go’, in advance of their debut self-titled album due for release on August 2nd 2019.

‘Let Me Go’ is another great example of Morganway’s effortless genre-boundary-pushing. Opening with a twangy guitar roll and transitioning from classic Morganway group harmonies into SJ Mortimer’s belting top line, the song crescendos from country-fied anthem to stadium-sized classic rock masterpiece. This transition was a calculated decision from the group, but wasn’t complete until Kieran laid down the electrifying slide solo, as his brother Callum explains, “As soon as we dropped him in we were all in hysterics at how good it sounded, and when I heard the first mix back from [Grammy-winning] Mitch Dane, I was thrilled at how loud and dry he had made it; it just screams at the listener.”

‘Let Me Go’ will also be known as the song that nearly didn’t happen. As a band whose primary reasons to create music is to have that music played on stage, and with the tune in question not in their set-list at the time of recording, it took their producer to convince them of the need to have this one immortalised on record, as Callum recalls, “Day one of tracking came and our producer said we should record it first. A little baffled, we suggested something we were more familiar with, before ignoring our doubts and just blasting through it. Hearing back through those big studio monitors, we realised we’d captured something pretty special. It wasn’t comfortable, instead it was urgent, and that feel was exactly what the song needed. Sometimes you play a song live and then when it comes to recording, something is lost. For this one, we found the opposite.”

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