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SPOTLIGHT: Norwegian-based American Adam Douglas Releases ‘Joyous We’ll Be’



Norwegian-based artist Adam Douglas has today shared his new single, ‘Joyous We’ll Be’.

Raised in Oklahoma, USA, Douglas lived in Chicago and Minneapolis before finding his way to Norway where he has lived for the past decade. Now considered one of the best guitar players in Norway, he made his first stage appearance aged 8 and soon made the stage his home, a place to share his magnificent voice with his honest and revealing songs. 

Since living in Norway, Douglas has found inspiration in the Norwegian mountains and fjords and has released 3 albums to critical acclaim. He has performed extensively across the country on solo tours and supported Sting at Kongsberg Jazz Festival and Bonnie Raitt at Olavsfestdagene in Trondheim. In 2017 he won Stjernekamp (Battle of the Stars) on Norwegian national television and became the first artist to do so with his own original song.

“That’s what people liked. I am very honest. Always. I try not to be anyone other than me. I’m just Adam Douglas, maybe with a new hat sometimes.”

With his brand new single Joyous We’ll Be, Douglas is now channelling this honesty in a new way. While he has not written about political issues previously, he feels that now he has to. He has observed political unrest in his native country with frustration and felt what he describes as “the world falling to pieces”. Together with Jeff Wesserman, a fellow musician and Norwegian-based American, he wrote Joyous We’ll Be about unity, and resistance, to take a stand against the political and social challenges unfolding in today’s world.

“Joyous We’ll Be is meant to be a musical call-to-arms for all to collectively recognize the current misgivings of today’s society. It reflects a large group of humans, banding together with an array of instruments – to raise our hands and voices together in song. Singing together about the overwhelming need for positive change and rejoicing together upon said change’s eventual arrival”.

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