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SPOTLIGHT: Scottish 3-Piece ‘Traveller’ To Release New Single ‘Old Stories’ On Friday



Forming in 2012, Traveller was first born when drummer Simon Usher heard the talents of lead vocalist Gerry Sheridan. Since then, they’ve been working relentlessly in the studio in crafting their unique blend of Americana, Blues and Acoustic Rock. 

Lead singer Gerry, has a unique songwriting style. His work is focused on putting stories of struggle, pain and joy to the bands vintage sound. Writing from the heart, his soul wrenching voice has become a blend of some of his biggest influences including Kelly Jones, Michael Stipe and Tom Yorke. Since their critically acclaimed debut release “All This Time” in 2016, the 3-piece have been picking up support from fans across the globe.  Their appeal is due in no small part to their wealth of vintage and contemporary influences, ranging from REM and Bruce Springsteen, right through to Jack Savoretti and Keith Urban. 

The Scottish 3-piece have recorded a full-length album due for release at the end of summer, but we can look forward to three single releases before then. The first release is the infectious and upbeat “Old Stories”. You can hear the bands passion for country in the instrumentation, though they have a unique ability to take elements of a genre, and make it their own. On the new single, the band state:

“This is a song about a journey through life and searching for someone to spend the rest of your life with. Looking back at the days gone by and all those things that make us who we are.” 

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