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SPOTLIGHT: Shannon Hynes Introduces Her Debut Single ‘I’m Not Pretty’




Well, this is strange, babbling on about my own music rather than someone elses, but YES! My first ever single is out, ‘I’m Not Pretty’, i’m so excited i’ve finally released some music and I hope everyone loves it.

This song actually came from such a place of sadness and lonesome, something you’d never think after listening to the song without concentrating on the lyrics. I was so embarrased of this song to begin with, until everyone I played it to said how relatable it was. I think I felt this way, because it so simplistic, bare and honest, it is what it is. Would anyone ever say these things in a face to face conversation? I certainly don’t think I would, i’m nervous about saying them in song form, my gosh… what have I done?!?!

So I wrote this song I few years back on my parents anniversary, which is also my close friends anniversary with her boyfriend and this particular night, it seemed like every single person I knew was on a date. I just wasn’t feeling it, stuck in my bedroom, a miserable November night and this song literaly just fell out, as I said it came from a serious place of lonesome. You ask me, how the melody came out so upbeat? I have no idea! Now, i’m releasing it, the whole song has a different meaning to me, I hope it is relatable and reassuring. It’s made me realise just how normal it is to feel that way. I’ll tell ya, right now, I feel anything but how I felt when I wrote this song.


I recorded ‘I’m Not Pretty’ with the Jacks… yeah, Jack Daniels… nahh, i’m joking, (it was more wine to be honest ;p) the awesome dudes at Skytop Productions. You should really check them out, they’re currently in the process of opening up their business, so watch this space. We were so lucky, that we got some incredibly talented musicians to play on the track. I literally couldn’t have asked for anyone better, I was very very adamant that I didn’t want any programmed instruments and we managed to pull it off thanks to the fantastic musicians. One of my dreams was to get fiddle and steel on one of my songs, and yes it came true, even if it is rather obnoxious, I love it! This song came out exactly how I wanted it to, literally to the note. This would not and could not have been possible without the musicians, producers and engineers, I owe them so many thanks.

I really hope everyone loves ‘I’m Not Pretty’ because I really do. I am a vulnerable person with a shield and this song is so true to who I am. I mean, the serious stuff lies underneath the fun stuff right? Just listen to the song… then you’ll get it!

Now, can I get back to reviewin’?

Shannon Hynes


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