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SPOTLIGHT: UK Artist Charlotte Young Shares New Single, ‘Praying For Rain’



Birmingham-based artist Charlotte Young has shared her brand new single, ‘Praying For Rain’, following up her debut EP ‘Blown Away’, which debuted at #1 in the UK Country iTunes Album Chart.

Praying for Rain’ was inspired by an episode of One Tree Hill:

“I wanted to write something from the perspective of one of the characters…I know how upsetting it can be during a breakup and rewrote the verses into a story’”

Talking about the single, Charlotte says:

After such an exciting year I am really looking forward to releasing my brand new single. I wanted to show my love for a power ballad and hope that everyone enjoys something that incorporates familiarity but with something new and my own spin on love and loss…

Charlotte is currently endorsed by G7th Capos & dutch company Eigenpicks, and is currently working on her accompanying EP which will be released in 2021. 

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