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Stage and Screen: Country Singers with Successful Acting Careers



For most of us, having a successful career seems impossible sometimes. How about two then? Having two successful careers sounds like hitting the jackpot at JackpotCity online casino. But just like there are many jackpot winners at the JackpotCity (and many other big wins that don’t involve jackpots), there are people who succeed in more than one areas. And some of them are country singers who made a name for themselves on the screen, too.

Christian Kane

Christian Kane is best-known for his acting: after his role in the fan favourite TV series “Angel”, where he played Lindsey McDonald, a villainous lawyer with an interesting character arc, he returned in the TNT crime drama series “Leverage” as Eliot Spencer, the “hitter” with many talents and a mysterious past. Later, he played the mild-mannered Librarian Jacob Stone in “The Librarians”. His latest role was that of Alex Walker, a former DEA agent who retired to  Filipino island of Cebu where he is constantly drawn back into law enforcement by various criminals, in the series called “Almost Paradise”.

Early in his career, Kane played a country singer who moves from Kansas to Los Angeles in the short-lived 1997 series “Fame L.A.”. The same year, he met fellow musician Steve Carlson and the two started writing songs together – this turned into a Southern rock band called “Kane” that was pretty successful. The band toured the US, England, and Germany, and self-released two albums before signing with the record label Bigger Picture Music Group, releasing the studio album “The House Rules”.

Randy Travis

Randy Travis was rejected by pretty much every record major label in Nashville because his demo tapes were “too country”. He worked as a singer and cook at the local nightclub The Nashville Palace – while there, he recorded an independent album which ultimately landed him a deal. In 1985, he blasted into the charts and landed him a bouquet of awards, including the Top New Male Vocalist, the Album of the Year, the Single of the Year, and the Top Male Vocalist at the 1986 Academy of Country Music Awards. Since then, he released more than 20 albums.

Travis is also a prolific movie and TV actor. He has 50 acting credits, including series like “Touched by an Angel”, and 2001’s “Texas Rangers” alongside James Van Der Beek.

Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam’s style is, for lack of a better word, “pioneering” – and he’s very much loved for that. His 20 albums (five of them were Billboard No. 1 albums) and 30 singles sold more than 30 million units to date, and he has two Grammy awards under his belt as well.

He is so active on the music scene that it makes you wonder when he has time for acting. Luckily, he makes it work – during his acting career, he gave us some truly memorable villains, like the psycho killer in 2002’s “Panic Room”, the memorable Doc Miles in both “Crank” movies, and the role of Doyle Hargraves in the 1996 drama Sling Blade.

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